Friday, March 11, 2005

Thanks, Dad!

Ahhh...by the sappy title I'll bet you think this is about how wonderful my dad is, huh! Well, he is, except for him cursing me last night.
He said, "Just don't get crabby tomorrow!"
Well, it's tomorrow and boy o' boy am I crabby. But, it's one of those, I know once I drop off my demon~like child I will get over it!
It all started with me jumping out of bed this morning to make Nick a bottle only to realize I've been stabbed and I am bleeding to death with every step I take. Oh Wait!...it's just my period. I make a bottle and beg my Husband to wake up and feed Nick.
Ok, not so much as 'beg', more like toss Nick on the bed with the bottle and run away saying, "I'm bleeding!"
Shawn made Nick cream-of-wheat, while I made Nick the last egg. While Shawn was leaving I surveyed the kitchen mess and here is when I really started to get crabby. Every EVERY EVERY morning while Nick is napping I have to scrub the kitchen clean which involves: dishes, scrub counters, put things away, sweep floor! Then, I can jump into the shower. Sometimes. It's not just Shawn messing the kitchen....it's both of us. I just can't comprehend how the two of us can be so messy in a short span of time.
OK...after breakfast and gettting Nick dressed for the day, we are off to Walgreens to develop pictures of Shawn & I for Nick to have at G'ma/pa Kallevigs this weekend. Nick is a nightmare in the store. At one point I really wanted to walk out of the store and put Nick in the car and then go back in and continue to buy a few items. So, I am at the check out lane and realize I forgot my wallet back in the car. I run out and get it, and suddenly there is a long-ass line and I have to wait...holding Nick and he is getting so heavy. My arms are about to snap when finally it's my turn!
Back at home, I pack Nick's things up while he un-packs his things. No problem. I completely excepted this :)
Nick is now napping and I have cleaned the kitchen, took a shower, took out the garbage, and found directions!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Ok. Only 3 hours and 15 minutes before we attempt to leave!
I really am going to miss Nick so much. I'm glad we are far enough away that I won't sneak out in the middle of the night and go and get him. I know he'll be just fine.


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