Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Here's the Deal...

I haven't been posting much because last week Shawn was home and I spent most of my time with him or Spring Cleaning...The start of this week, Shawn decided he wanted to clear off our computer completely and reinstall everything. Unfortunetly, it is taking more time than we thought it would take. Right now I am installing updates that will take until 1 am. And then, we get to install our disks with pictures, files ect... It's been such a pain in the butt.
Also, I am trying something out...I have a 30-day free trial of Typepad.com where I am converting my two blogs into 1. This weblog has catagories that you make up. For instance, I can name a catagory, Nick...and if I click on the Nick link it will bring up every post about Nick I've written. You can have as many catagories as you want and you get to name them! Typepad is a lot more confusing compared to blogger, but it gives you more freedom/choice when setting up a weblog. Once I get the hang of it, I think I'll love it. Right now, I'm just frusterated with anything and everything computer related. I feel completely computer illerate right now.
Nick is on a biting/temper tantrum kick. And I have no idea what to do about it...Any advice? PLease! What do you do when a 12-month old bites you? What do you do when they throw a temper tantrum?-Ignore it?!
Anyway...School starts in 3 more days. Yikes.


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