Thursday, March 03, 2005

And I Even Shaved My Legs!

Today has been a never ending busy, busy day. Nick and I did make it to Michaels for supplies. I did make a ton of feet and hand prints of Nick's using red, green and blue paint. I did successfully keep him from eating even a drop of paint. Although he did try! I did let Nick make his very own finger-paint masterpiece. I did give my green, blue and red boy a bath. I did frame a few of the prints and hang 1 up. And I did dress Nick up in a suit to deliever one or two prints to my mom at work. I did follow my boy all around the police station, while HE showed himself off ;)
I did buy and paint the letters: N I C K in red, green and YES, blue to hang in Nick's room. The letters are about a foot high. I did manage to go grocery shopping and make Nick and I three-cheese tortellini with alfrado sauce and potatoe bread. I did cut out 8 prints of Nick's hands and feet that I will attach to string and clothespins to span half of his room.
And, YES I even shaved my legs!!! (It's been a month or two overdue)
AND it's only 3:30. Ahhh, the days before Nick when I would lay around all day and sleep and play with my hair in the mirror. :)


  • At 3:48 AM, Blogger Investigator Lu said…

    GrammaLu loved the prints. Thank you for bringing them and Nick Christian to my work. He looked so handsome. And you my love are beautiful!


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