Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I spent $80 on nothing...well, not 'nothing.' It's more like I spent $80 to waste 3 hours of my time and end up with weird bangs. Don't cha just LoVe my blonde hair...Oh WAiT, WAIT....It's not blonde. I can hardly see the difference. I know, I can call and have it fixed BUT not in time for my 1st weekend away with my Husband since Aug of 2003. :( I cried. Sorry, Jess. I cried on the way to pick up Nick....and as soon as Jess said, "Do you feel glamorous!" She was awesome and said that she could see a big change.
I felt so stupid for crying. There are much MUCH worse things in the world to cry about than hair! I am going to blame this on PMS, because I can ;) and that's one of the best things about being a woman! I called a daycare today v v close to my house. My mom knows the woman and I've met her several times. She hasen't called back, yet. Not a good sign. It would be so convient to only drive less than 5 minutes to drop off/pick up Nick each day.


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