Thursday, February 24, 2005

Nescafe Frothe
Enchanting Vanilla

I am addicited. Yes, it's true. I am addcitied to Nescafe Frothe and before you go running out to buy some for yourself, just know that you can NEVER STOP once you start. It is so good. It pops your eyes open in the morning and gets you up and running. For me being the mother of an 11-month-old that's important. GOD, doesn't that sound like a commercial line! I should let them know I'm an aspiring actress and would LOVE to do their commerical.
Ok, being serious now...when you buy it, make sure to fill your cup up about 1/3 with the mix. Don't use 3 tbs!!!
Guess What...Jess and I (and Nick) are going to Target this morning. And I am going to clean out their supply of Frothe's. :)


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