Monday, February 28, 2005

Hey, Mom...Do you wanna come over?

I have not done the dishes or cleaned our kitchen in 2 days. Do you know what happens in just 2 days!!! I have the biggest mess and I don't feel like doing it. Ahhh...the days when I lived at home and I would make a mess and by morning, it would be cleaned by SuperMom after she worked a 12-hour shift.

I don't understand how the kitchen can get so messy in such a short amount of time. I blame my husband ;)

Saturday, February 26, 2005



I am v v bored. Nick is sleeping. Shawn is still working hard/hardly working-but not home.
CSI is on, but I like CSI-SVU the best and that doesn't come on until 9pm.
The house is clean, dishes are done.
I am still bored.
Are you bored reading this, yet?
I wish I was able to make it into work for my internship the other day...I was sick, tired and in desperate need to be free of Nick for a few hours. My not going is ranking on my top 10 BIGGEST REGRETS LIST!
KEELy is back from Chicago!!! (my sis) I've missed her so much. She's my shopping-buddy.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Last Night.

Instead of popping in a DVD last night, Shawn & I reminisced about way back in the day when we first met, first started dating ect...
I had a blast. I love listening to anothers' perspective on the same shared memory. We talked from 7:30 until 11:30. And he didn't fall asleep until 12:30ish. I stayed up wide awake and sick. If I lay down, I start coughing and don't stop until I get back up. We got to sleep in, too...Until 6:20!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Nescafe Frothe
Enchanting Vanilla

I am addicited. Yes, it's true. I am addcitied to Nescafe Frothe and before you go running out to buy some for yourself, just know that you can NEVER STOP once you start. It is so good. It pops your eyes open in the morning and gets you up and running. For me being the mother of an 11-month-old that's important. GOD, doesn't that sound like a commercial line! I should let them know I'm an aspiring actress and would LOVE to do their commerical.
Ok, being serious now...when you buy it, make sure to fill your cup up about 1/3 with the mix. Don't use 3 tbs!!!
Guess What...Jess and I (and Nick) are going to Target this morning. And I am going to clean out their supply of Frothe's. :)

Monday, February 21, 2005

2 Blogs.

It's hard to keep up 2 blogs. This blog is pertaining mostly to me and my life. Whereas, my other blog (http://soybeanadventures.blogspot.com) is mostly for and about my son.
My life is pretty boring right now and at the same time I am running my butt off-not literally although I wish I was.
I am doing an internship with the Duluth P.D. on Mondays & Fridays and then waitressing at Billy's Bar Sunday mornings. That leaves being a stay-at-home-slave to my 11 month old son Saturdays and Tuesdays-Thursdays.
I just started at the Bar and as Paris would say, "Love It!" I like being busy and using my brain at the same time. When I'm home, I'm busy...but, I'm not using my brain.
School starts soon...April. And I am dreading it. I wish I could fast forward to July and finally be done. After working with Family Crimes, I can't wait to be a cop. At the end of the day and Nick is asleep, I wish I could stay home and have a-ba-zillion more. I love being a mom. I love working. I have NO IDEA how or if I want to do both.
Today Jess came over for a few hours while her boys went sledding. We bakes cookies, talked, laughed and rearranged my furniture. It was a great day. I am utterly exhausted. Good Night!