Thursday, January 20, 2005

White Grape Juice, Anyone?

Leah: "Nick dropped his juice."
Shawn: : "He has juice?"
Leah: "Ya, didn't you buy it at the store the other day?"
Shawn: "Cherry...What's this?"
Leah: "White Grape."
Shawn: "We have white grape? SHOW ME!"
Leah: pulls juice out from fridge
Shawn: "That's not good juice...That juice is BAD."
Shawn: grabs juice and washed out container
Leah: "What...Is there mold?"
Shawn: "You didn't really give this to him, did you?"
Leah: "Ya, at lunch and then right before you got home. Why, is it moldy?"
Shawn: shakes head...laughes.
Family: Sits around table...Shawn is still laughing
Leah: "What!"
Shawn: "That's not juice in there."
Leah: "What are you talking about..."
Shawn: "This morning I had to go to the bathroom really bad and and you were in the bathroom. I had to go so bad, I was doing the pee dance waiting for you to get out...I couldn't hold it anymore...SO, I thought the best place to go was in the empty container cause it was the closest thing to me. The sink was filled with dishes. (pause) It's PEE in the container.
Leah: "HA HA...no really, what was in there?"
Shawn: "Pee."
Leah: "No really...WHAT WAS IN THERE?"
Shawn: "My pee. Nick just drank my pee! Thank God pee is sterile. Don't cha' remember, Dodge Ball?" (Dodge Ball is a movie we recently saw)
Leah: "What if it's not your own pee...Is it still sterile?"
Shawn: "Ya...But it probably doesn't taste as good as your own."
Leah: "What!...Why have you tasted pee before?"
Shawn: "It wasn't my own. It happened when I was a little kid and I don't remember how or why. But I know it wasn't good. Did Nick really drink any of it?"
Leah: "Yes...half cup this morning and then I held the cup for him while he was busy walking around this afternoon. I'm so glad I didn't test it out!"
Shawn: "Let's not tell him until he's very, very old."
Leah: "I am so going to blog this! Ohh...I'm gonna call my mom."
Shawn: "Don't."

***Disclaimer! We did not intentionally feed our son Shawn's urine. We really do love our boy. Shawn left the pee-filled container on the counter this morning and in my sleepy haze I put it back in the fridge while Shawn was walking Nick around the house. And I did the dishes!***


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