Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Just Call Him, 'Jesus.'

We have a new addition to our family...my sister's cat. He's name is Puddytree Astro-Donkey Taylor, but you can just call him, 'Jesus.'
Why, "Jesus?"
Well, one of my new years resolutions was to quit swearing in front of Nick or within his earshot...and I've done very well. All except for using the Lords name in vain every chance I get. For some reason, I can't stop using that. It comes out automaticly before I can stop it.
Really. For instance, Nick will step on our cat's paw and simultaneously pull poor Jesus's tail and I will shot, "JEsus!"
Or Nick will take a tumble and in the process of racing over to catch him I will shot, "JESUS! where's that cat."- Because I don't know what else to do. I can't stop saying, Jesus. SO...That's our new cat's nickname.


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