Thursday, November 25, 2004

Why I'll Make A Great Police Officer...
Reason #1, 234

While on our first annual Thanksgiving night walk, I am covering and uncovering my ears with my scarf because my ears are so cold, they are about to shatter and fall to the ground and I am trying to prevent this. Anyway, Because of the covering of my ears, I didn't hear it...I had no idea...When all of a sudden this enormous beast comes tearing behind me. I scream, "Oh My God!" And jumped into Shawn's shoulder, attempting to scramble up his back along with Nick. Seeing that my son is being so inconsiderate and not budging over, I duck over to Shawn's other shoulder and cling on tight. I look up at my strong handsome husband and say, "What was that!!!" He smiles down at me and says, "That was a dog," as he laughs at me. I then say, "And this is why I'll make a great cop." Turns out, the dog is a golden retreiver, without a tag-just a green collar, that dodges the tail end of fast moving cars. We slipped him some turkey and I am hoping he is on his way home. On a side note...I begged Shawn to keep him. I named him, Prince Charming.


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