Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Happy Halloween...

Here is a funny entry from my other "nicer" blog: http://soybeanadventures.blogspot.com

Sunday, October 24, 2004
'No really...Where's his costume?'

Remember I told you that Nick's Halloween costume was a suprise from Shawn. Well, Shawn called this afternoon from the gaurd base (it's gaurd drill weekend) to let me know that it's trick or treating time at the base today and he's coming home to get Nick & I. Shawn follows me into Nick's room and I hold out Nick's ballerina costume and say, Here it is!Shawn says, "No really...Where's his costume?"I say, "This is it."Shawn says, "No...no....your joking, right."I say, "No, this is it...isn't this going to be funny...you'll laugh later!"Shawn got over it by the time we got half way to the base. Walking around, Shawn introduced Nick as 'Nick the Ballerina' to avoid anyone thinking Nick was a girl. Some still thought he was a she, but Shawn cleared that right up! I don't think Nick minded being dressed up...He mostly sucked on wrapped up candy and he got a mini flashlight, too. Shawn said he gets to pick the costume out next year for Nick.


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