Thursday, October 28, 2004

Forward Message. 'Too Sexy?'

This message was forwarded to me from my mom:

When you feel like nobody loves you,
Nobody cares for you,
And everyone is ignoring you,
You should really ask yourself...........

Am I too sexy?

I am contemplating throwing my camera against the wall. I hate it. All of a sudden it takes dark pictures if it even takes pictures! It seems to work when it wants to work and that doesn't work for me, GOT IT! So, I think it is time for my camera to die. Because I have intent and I am premeditating, this will be considered Murder in the First Degree. Can you tell I just finished my Criminal Statutes Midterm???

Holy Shit...Not Iowa!

Cargille asked Shawn to send in a resume for a co-op position. Ever since I heard Cargille has a ton of plants in Iowa, I've said...I'll live anywhere, BUT Iowa. Cargille asked Shawn where, if he could pick, that he would want to intern/coop in the US. Shawn puts down, The Midwest. In other words I O W A. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Not Iowa. He did have good intentions-to be closer to family.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I chopped off my thumb tip while attempting to make dinner for my husband and son. I cook around twice a year....this is why it's only twice a year.
I had an eye appt today to see if I need glasses. You probably forgot, since it didn't happen to you, that I was maced 1 1/2 weeks ago as part of the law enforcement program. While it turns out that the mace caused my cornea to swell so much I can't feel the pain due to the nerve endings not being able to do their job-which is a good thing, right...-I said to the Dr. He said, not really. There is a sort of coating on my eyes from the mace that prevent me to see well and cause "echoing" in my vision. The steroid drops I will be putting into my eyes will cause the swelling to go down-thus the pain to flair up. Great!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Pretty Pretty BOY Posted by Hello

Happy Halloween...

Here is a funny entry from my other "nicer" blog: http://soybeanadventures.blogspot.com

Sunday, October 24, 2004
'No really...Where's his costume?'

Remember I told you that Nick's Halloween costume was a suprise from Shawn. Well, Shawn called this afternoon from the gaurd base (it's gaurd drill weekend) to let me know that it's trick or treating time at the base today and he's coming home to get Nick & I. Shawn follows me into Nick's room and I hold out Nick's ballerina costume and say, Here it is!Shawn says, "No really...Where's his costume?"I say, "This is it."Shawn says, "No...no....your joking, right."I say, "No, this is it...isn't this going to be funny...you'll laugh later!"Shawn got over it by the time we got half way to the base. Walking around, Shawn introduced Nick as 'Nick the Ballerina' to avoid anyone thinking Nick was a girl. Some still thought he was a she, but Shawn cleared that right up! I don't think Nick minded being dressed up...He mostly sucked on wrapped up candy and he got a mini flashlight, too. Shawn said he gets to pick the costume out next year for Nick.

Cold, Cold Apartment...

I am dying to book that $338/pp vacation deal for Jamaica! We would leave the day after tomorrow...Come on Mon, What do you say! Let's go to Jamaica. Or Costa Rica. Or Mexico. Or Canada...well, maybe not Canada. They are most likely just as cold as we are in MN. I am freezing. Brrrrrrrrr!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Here is a picture of Nick after his morning nap. More pictures are at: http://soybeanadventures.blogspot.com Posted by Hello


Everyone at some point in their lives is a hypocrite and I can admit that I am a hypocrite. If you can't admit it, your only fooling yourself. Am I proud of it...No.
Shawn, I am sorry that I hurt your feelings...I am not sorry about having a crush. It's not wrong to have a crush on someone outside your marriage. It's wrong to act on that crush. Which I will not do. Guess what, everyone has crushes. There are different degrees on crushes. I'll bet, although you'll never admit it now or you'll be-gasp-a hypocrite....you have had a crush at some point during our marriage. Maybe a little one in passing or a huge one. And, that's ok. I love you and I know you love me. That's what matters. Nothing else.

I'm sorry.

For what it's worth, I'm sorry Shawn.


Another sleepless night.
Laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, I kept thinking about all the stuff I wanted to write down in this blog. Funny jokes-The're funny to me at least.
Here is a disclaimer for my wonderful, sexy, handsome Husband: If you log onto the internet and pull up this site, you can not get mad at anything I write. It's like sneaking and finding a journal. You'll just know. Not be mad or upset, ok.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

About Me.

I started this blog from the suggestion of my husband, Shawn. I already have a web blog mostly pertaining to my son, Nick. Nick's blog is the nicest form of me that you'll find. I wanted a place where no one knows me and I can be myself and say what I really think. I am a 23 yr old wife, mother, student, daughter, sister, friend...Basically I am anyone that you already know. I am everyone and in the same breathe, no one. I've been married for 2 years and 4 months. My teething monster of a son is 7 months old. You can view his blog at: http://soybeanadventures.blogspot.com
I am going to school to be a police officer. My mom is an investigator and so I grew up living with a cop. I know what the job is like, what to expect. Shawn is going to school to be a chemical engenier which takes up a lot of his time and energy. Nick & I get what is left over. Somedays that is enough, other days it is not enough. He also works at Menards and the AirNationalGaurd.