Saturday, August 06, 2005

Secret Self.

I've been married for 3 years and 2 months now...one of the very first things I did after coming home from my honeymoon was change my name on everything. But for some reason, Qwest (phone company) keeps refusing to change my name. I've called them at least 2 times and checked the box 'change of name/address' somewhere around 6 times.
Two days ago I happened to see my maiden name in the phone book. It was like a jolt. Here is my lost self. Hiding. Saying, "Remember me, old friend?" Ok...it didn't really 'talk' to me because if it was going to talk it would say something more like..."Who the hell are you?!"
I've changed so much in the last 3+ years...Since seeing that line in the phone book, a nagging feeling has stuck with me for the last few days. Kindof like a secret-self is hiding somewhere in me. A more free, independant self. Someone who went through so many experiences to become.
When I got married and changed my name, that self became lost. Lost to become a wife, student, mother, teacher...I never thought I would be a stay-at-home-mom.
But after having my son, I knew, being a mom to him was my number one job....everything else will just have to wait. And I think, I'm ok with that.

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The Many Shades of Good.

"That was too good!"
..."that's good right?!"
"No, that's bad."
I'm Back!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It is time...

As I've mentioned, I started another blog that I will try and combine the Soybean site with the Dirtybean site into one simple blog.
I want to say that I am hesitant to reveal this site because of my introduction. I should just go back and delete the quoted swear words ;) but, I'll going to leave it as is. After all, this is my place to write openly, right. Right.
This new blog has catagories you'll notice on the left hand side. "Me!"-are entries about me. "That Boy"-are entries about Nick being a bit of a monster. Ect...
You can click on "ABout" to read my profile. If I didn't add your blog to Fabulous Men/Women, let me know and I'll add it.
Ok, here goes: http://thelawofma.typepad.com

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Here's the Deal...

I haven't been posting much because last week Shawn was home and I spent most of my time with him or Spring Cleaning...The start of this week, Shawn decided he wanted to clear off our computer completely and reinstall everything. Unfortunetly, it is taking more time than we thought it would take. Right now I am installing updates that will take until 1 am. And then, we get to install our disks with pictures, files ect... It's been such a pain in the butt.
Also, I am trying something out...I have a 30-day free trial of Typepad.com where I am converting my two blogs into 1. This weblog has catagories that you make up. For instance, I can name a catagory, Nick...and if I click on the Nick link it will bring up every post about Nick I've written. You can have as many catagories as you want and you get to name them! Typepad is a lot more confusing compared to blogger, but it gives you more freedom/choice when setting up a weblog. Once I get the hang of it, I think I'll love it. Right now, I'm just frusterated with anything and everything computer related. I feel completely computer illerate right now.
Nick is on a biting/temper tantrum kick. And I have no idea what to do about it...Any advice? PLease! What do you do when a 12-month old bites you? What do you do when they throw a temper tantrum?-Ignore it?!
Anyway...School starts in 3 more days. Yikes.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

It's almost time!

Yes...it's almost time! I've been waiting for this night for 3 or MORE weeks!
Tonight, in a mere 21 minutes is, Desperate Housewives!!!
Thank you, Moses!
I love this show! "LOVE IT!"
Ok, I have to go, climb onto the couch and laugh at Shawn when he says, "What movie do you want to put in."

Thursday, March 17, 2005


I had the opportunity to join my Aunt-Babe, Lars and Miranda on a trip to Fort Myers, Florida. We would leave Saturday and Mir and I would fly home on Thursday. It would cost a total of $140. That's it, $140.
I really thought about it.
For instance, Nick's 1st Birthday Party is on Saturday meaning it would have to be moved up to Friday evening.
Shawn had the entire week off of work & school-so, he could stay home and 'bond' with Nick.
I was ready to go.
But, I didn't.
I called Mir and said, no.
Instead, I get to spend a whole week with Shawn and Nick. I don't think Shawn and I have had an entire week together since................... our honeymoon! So, I am really looking forward to this :)
Shawn passed a v difficult written test and physical given by the military and he found out yesterday that HE PASSED! That means he'll make staff sargent before he goes over to Iraq in May!!! He was so happy :) and I am so proud of him.
He took Nick & I out to Olive Garden to celebrate. Some older-much older women flirted with Nick! Which kept him busy ;) Although he was still a handful. It's getting much harder to take him out to eat with each passing day. He is just so busy and to make him sit down at one place for longer than 5 minutes is near impossible.
We even completed our taxes and guess what...We don't owe money. This is the v first year that we will be getting money back!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Yesterday was Monday.

First whole day back. It took some getting used to...I didn't want to go anywhere except to Nick's helmet check-which was more negitive than postitve. He said that Nick has a long way to go. I was thinking he was half way or more done. Nick's head looks great. It is perfectly round. I hate that guy.
Anyway...I'm sitting at home wishing I had the energy to get up and take Nick to a coffee place. But, I lack energy and we two sit about with nothing to do but scream. UNTIL! I happen to pass by the window and see Jess getting out of her car! I duck onto my hands and knees and fast as possible I try to pick up as much as I can. Jess came over and brought hot chocolate! And I had adult conversation in the middle of the day and it wasen't with the bagger and the grocery store. What a great day. Nick even napped about a half hour into her visit! After that, we drove to my mom's and borrowed her vaccum and cleaned our place all before Shawn came home with pizza for dinner :)

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Some pictures of this weekend are located at: http://soybeanadventures.blogspot.com

This weekend was amazing! I absolutely LOVED our room. It had a huge whrilpool, fireplace, deck overlooking a v frozen lake, huge bed, kitchen, and seperate sitting area. They provided free wine, chocolates, popcorn, movie, Primerib dinner Saturday night and full breakfast buffet Sunday morning. Shawn and I had a blast renting movies (Oceans 12, Closer, Sideways, The Incredibles), going into town, drinking wine...ok, just me drinking the wine, walking out in the cold, listening to Eric Clapton in the truck, eating...eating....and more eating! Calling to check up on Nick one hundred times, going shopping for winter gear that it turned out we didn't need, watching t.v. and playing, "...In bed." For example, Take a line from a funny commerical and say after the line, "...in bed." What else...going to the bathroon in peace! Taking a ton of whrilpool baths, Curling up on a huge chair in front of the fire with a good magazine.
We got Nick a Easter present but couldn't resist giving it to him early. It is a stuffed, goofy looking duck with a long neck that Shawn got to name...Pudgy Quackers.
Transitioning into the same-old-same-old is difficult. It was so easy to go from being Parents/Students/Workers/Husband/Wife to just being Husband/Wife. Going back to normal is harder than I thought.
Our weekend was stress-free (once we arrived) and that was the best gift of all.
Thanks Pam and Daryl! :)

IRONY...This sign was posted in front of a skating rink for kids on Gull Lake :) Posted by Hello

The road finally cleared on our way to Craguns. Prior to this, the roadway was completely covered with gusts of twirling snow. Thanks to my father-in-law who borrowed us his awesome truck, we narrowly avoided a huge accident.  Posted by Hello